Father-daughter/Mother-son Dance

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I was invited to go to a father-daughter/mother-son dance a couple of weeks ago. This was for my older cousin, Danny, and his family. My little second cousins are soo funny! They had us all laughing throughout the night. I have to say it was pretty cool, it was very well setup and all the children had a lot of fun
dancing and playing the entire time. This was also my first time taking photographs at an event. I learned a couple things… free drinks and food! Haha! 😛

Really though, I need to come prepared next time I need to definitely remember to bring an extra battery and my tripod. I also need to work on my shooting skills and adjust my camera settings. Practice practice practice! Still learning, any helpful feedback is welcome!


Below are photographs before the dance began. My cousin and his wife have been together for over a decade and they are still so in love! I have been a pretty stubborn non-believer in the forever love but sometimes couples like them give me hope that true love exists ❤


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