Miami ☀️

Miami is always a good idea


I went to Miami with two of my older siblings and it was amazing


We went paragliding and I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who goes to Miami for vacation. The ocean is so blue, so gorgeous, and you can see all of Miami Beach from up above. It is so much fun!

The entire time we were driving around in a rented convertible. I mean what better than livin’ the life riding around in a convertible while in Miami, Florida? Amiright? 😉

We hit up the clubs the night before leaving and it was so much fun! On our last day we hurried on over to the mall and walked down Collins Avenue to find some goodies as souvenirs. We found the Dash store too! Of course we had to go check it out! I bought a Dash beanie and a pocket mirror along with a fabulous Dash pen and some keychains.

This has been one of the best experiences in my life so far.. We wore our swimsuits underneath our clothes everyday, or just walked around in it because it’s a normal everyday thing you see there; you never have to wear a jacket because it is ALWAYS warm, and our skin was glowing from all the Vitamin D it was getting from the sun. We also said “hola” to a slice of Cuban culture and ate some yummy traditional Cuban food when we went to Little Havana and walked through Calle Ocho to buy authentic cigars, oh and can’t forget I got an actual Piña Colada served inside the fruit itself. We traveled all throughout Miami Beach down to Key Biscayne.. so many good memories crammed up into four days

Miami is always a good idea ❤


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